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Top 10 MBR membrane brands in the world(1)

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MBR membranes are mainly used to treat wastewater and are currently used in a wide range of applications such as municipal wastewater treatment projects and large industrial wastewater treatment. The current MBR membrane market is very competitive, and the hot selling MBR membrane brands are Mennen, Mitsubishi, Toray, Blue Membrane, Asahi Kasei, Kubota, GE, Sumitomo, Membrane Sky and Lisheng.

Minergy, Singapore

With years of experience in research and development, technology accumulation and manufacturing bases in Guangzhou and Mianyang, China, Minergy is one of the few manufacturers of high efficiency PVDF hollow fibre membranes in the world. Minergy is committed to the research and development of high performance, high throughput, pollution resistant, low energy consumption hollow fibre membranes and industrial and residential water treatment and purification equipment.

Mitsubishi, Japan

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is the largest chemical company in Japan. The company offers its wide range of products through its three main divisions: functional materials and plastic products (including information and electronics, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals); petrochemicals; and carbon and agricultural products. Although functional materials such as aluminium, sheet plastic products, and plastic packaging account for more than 55% of sales, the company is focusing its long-term objectives on specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Mitsubishi Chemical is undertaking structural and management reform efforts to make it profitable.

water treatment

Toray, Japan

Toray was one of the first companies in the world to engage in the development of reverse osmosis membrane technology, starting in the 1960s with the research of membrane technology, from the selection of raw materials, the development of membrane manufacturing technology and the design of membrane element construction, etc., for the development of this technology in ultra-pure water, desalination and other water treatment applications have made a remarkable contribution.

Toray is now one of the few membrane manufacturers in the world to offer both acetate and polyamide composite membranes; Toray is also the only membrane manufacturer in the world to have developed membrane technologies for RO, NF, UF, MF and fibre filter cloth series and to offer a full range of commercial membrane products to the market.

Shenzhen Blue Membrane

Shenzhen Blue Membrane Water Treatment Co., Ltd. is an innovative company dedicated to the production, sales and service of environmental protection water treatment equipment, committed to providing users with excellent performance, safe and stable environmental protection water treatment products, including water treatment equipment, filters, filter membranes, water treatment resins and industry solutions, etc.


Asahi Kasei has a wide range of products and devices for various applications, including municipal water and wastewater treatment, industrial water and wastewater reuse, chemical and precision electronics industries, as well as food, medical, energy and environmental protection, and has received high marks from users.

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