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Non-oxidizing fungicide Water System Chemical Cleaning Agent Pre-filming Agent reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosisis the process of applying a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure of the solution on the side of the concentrated solution, forcing the water molecules to enter the dilute solution through the semi-permeable membrane in the reverse direction (opposite to the direction of natural osmosis). The semipermeable membrane flows to dilute solutions, while most of the solutes (dissolved solids) cannot pass through the membrane and are trapped.
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  • JXC002001


Reverse osmosis fungicide product description

1.Performances and usage

The special bactericide for reverse osmosis is a special bactericide for reverse osmosis water system. It has a strong penetrating ability to microbial cells, and has a decomposing and destructive effect on the cell tissue of microorganisms. Strong killing and inhibitory effect.

Non-oxidizing bactericide, rapid and effective bactericidal effect;

It has a certain peeling effect on the slime formed by bacteria;

Compatible with all membranes;

It is suitable for a wide pH range, has good biodegradability and does not pollute the environment.

2.Products features

(1)Efficient sterilization, fast sterilization, and strong bacteriostatic ability;

(2)Broad-spectrum sterilization: it can kill bacteria, fungi, algae and other microorganisms commonly found in reverse osmosis water systems;

(3)Safe to operate, non-flammable and non-volatile.


  • 25L plastic drum,

  • Blue, white

  • Good sealing performance, high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, creep resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance

There are three ways to use the special bactericide for reverse osmosis:

(1) During the operation of the system, dilute the drug in the dosing box by 10 times, and use the metering pump to add it continuously and evenly.

(2)In the process of operation, the feed water is continuously added through the metering pump, and the addition amount is about 400ppm; it is added once every 2 weeks, 30min each time. In this way, the production of desalinated water is uninterrupted, but the dosage of chemicals is large.

(3)Stop the operation of the RO system, configure the sterilization solution by chemical cleaning, and circulate the liquid medicine to process the system. If the system is seriously polluted, the system should be chemically cleaned in situ, and then the system should be sterilized according to the following steps:

(a)Add water to the cleaning tank to prepare a special bactericide for reverse osmosis, with a concentration of 400ppm-800ppm;

(b)Adjust the pH of the cleaning solution below 7

(c)Cycle 45min

5. Packaging and Storage

 Packed in plastic barrels, 25kg per barrel, and stored at room temperature for one year in the dark.

6.Security and protection

In the use of reverse osmosis bactericide, if the feed water contains hydrogen sulfide or soluble iron ions or manganese ions (chlorine gas and hydrogen peroxide), this bactericide cannot be used. Reverse osmosis fungicide is corrosive, pay attention to labor protection during operation, avoid contact with skin, eyes, etc., rinse with plenty of water after contact.



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