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Wastewater treatment: the perfect combination of MBR, UF and RO technologies

Author: Susan Wei     Publish Time: 2024-01-26      Origin: Site



With the rapid development of social industrialisation, environmental problems are becoming more and more prominent, especially the protection and management of water resources has become the focus of attention nowadays. In this "blue defence war", the continuous innovation of wastewater treatment technology provides a strong support for our water resources. In this article, we will discuss MBR, UF and RO, three advanced wastewater treatment technologies, and their application in practice.

2.MBR technology: an innovative biological treatment process

MBR, known as membrane bioreactor, is a revolutionary wastewater treatment process that combines activated sludge method with membrane separation technology. It uses high-efficiency filtration membranes to intercept suspended solids, bacteria and viruses in sewage with micron-level precision to achieve sewage purification.MBR technology has been praised by the industry and academics for its excellent treatment efficiency, stability of effluent quality and small footprint, especially in the treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater plays a pivotal role in the treatment of organic wastewater.


3. UF technology: the powerful function of ultrafiltration membrane

Ultrafiltration (UF) technology is a pressure-driven membrane separation technology, UF membrane pore size is small, can effectively remove the suspended solids in the sewage, bacteria, viruses and most of the organic matter, so as to achieve the purpose of water purification. Compared with traditional filtration methods, UF technology has a higher filtration precision and better pollution resistance, which makes it widely used in many fields, such as water reuse and drinking water treatment.


4. RO technology: the magic effect of reverse osmosis membrane

Reverse osmosis (RO) technology is currently one of the most advanced membrane separation technology. Through the filtration effect of RO membrane, almost all the dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms and organic matter can not pass through the membrane layer, so as to achieve the depth of sewage treatment.RO technology has excellent quality of effluent water to meet the needs of high-standard water, especially in the coastal water-scarce areas of seawater desalination, brackish water treatment and other fields have broad prospects for application.


5. MBR, UF and RO combination: a new chapter in sewage treatment

MBR, UF and RO technology combined, not only to achieve a variety of complementary advantages of sewage treatment technology, but also greatly improve the efficiency of sewage treatment. This combination of processes opens a new chapter in the protection and sustainable use of water resources by significantly reducing energy consumption and costs due to its unique properties. It can not only effectively purify the water quality to meet various water needs, but also promote the harmonious coexistence of mankind and nature to create a better living environment.


In the face of increasingly severe water resources problems, we should pay more attention to the development and application of wastewater treatment technology. By adopting advanced technologies such as MBR, UF and RO, we can not only improve the effect of wastewater treatment to meet the high standard of water demand, but also better protect the water resources, so that the clear water will continue to flow on this land. Therefore, each of us should take action, pay attention to and support the innovative development of wastewater treatment technology, and contribute to the "blue defence" of the earth.

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