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After the Industrial Revolution, many regions in the world vigorously developed heavy industries, resulting in plummeting air quality and serious threats to human health, including the famous "Los Angeles Photochemical Smog Incident". In order to improve air quality, in addition to introducing long-term air control policies, many scientific research institutions are also actively developing air purification technologies to bring consumers a healthy breathing experience in the first place. Of course, these technologies were not initially used in cars. After a long period of concept change, when people realized that the air in the car is also seriously polluted, the car air purification technology specifically for cars has gradually gained attention.
JX car air purifier --Aoid Alkaloid antiviral preparations is a new discovery using in purifying air in the world.

The negative ion additive raw material is ancient sea rock, which is a sedimentary rock 240 million years ago. Use X-ray
diffractometer to analyze the main components and crystal structure of ancient sea rocks.
Aoid alkaloid technology is developed by JX, which combines nano-active materials and herbal extracts, and has various functions such as releasing negative ions, removing formaldehyde, removing VOC, sterilizing, and removing viruses. It is formaldehyde removal technology, which is safe, efficient, durable and stable Features.


Formaldehyde removal rate is 99.1%.
Virus removal rate is 99.14%.
1. High safety: biological decomposition, no pollution;
2. Easy to use: it can be placed horizontally after unpacking;
3. Long term of validity: 3 to 6 months after unpacking;
4. Wide range of application: it can inhibit the breeding and spread of a variety of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
5. Strong health function: negative oxygen ions make the air fresher.


Safe and pollution-free, suitable for all kinds of air purification equipment. To sum up, the active ingredients composed of negative oxygen ions, chlorine dioxide, photocatalysts and Chinese herbal medicines, the long-term experiments and large-scale industrial applications of these ingredients determine the safety and wide application of the product;
The self-healing factor of Chinese herbal medicine can not only have a conditioning and protective effect on the respiratory system, but also have a certain repair function on damaged organs. Reduce the damage of hypoxic environment to the body, enhance human immunity, have the functions of analgesia, enhance immunity, delay cell aging, increase oxygen content, enhance antioxidant and anti-aging properties, and scavenge free radicals.
Powerful antibacterial, protect the breathing safety channel. Hypericum and other Chinese herbal medicines have bacteriostatic effects, and can inhibit the growth and reproduction of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus albicans.
Negative oxygen ions protect the respiratory system and enhance the self-healing ability of human tissues. Negative oxygen ions can enter the human body through the respiratory tract, and it can improve people's lung capacity. Tests show that inhaling negative oxygen ions in the air for 30 minutes in a glass mask can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by the lungs by 2%, while the amount of carbon dioxide discharged can increase by 14.5%, so the negative oxygen ions can improve and increase lung function.
Multiple protection , The multi-action mechanism of high-efficiency anti-virus makes the preparation have all-round anti-viral function, which does not give the virus an opportunity and leaves no dead ends.


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