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JX Purification- Star Products Introduction

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-14      Origin: Site


JX purification- Star products introduction

Hi everyone, today i would like to let you know more about our company.

When we mention one waste water industry we usually do not know the specific products this company have.

Who we are ?

JX Purification was established on 2014 and it had good reputation in Chinese market through several years development. We start our overseas business since last year but our factory’s products are very mature.

What Star products we have ?

We have some top stars products which is very less in the whole Chinese market.

The first representative product is our alternative MBR membrane which can replace Veolia ZEEWEED 500D. We take several years to study the fibers and make similar membranes from size to pore size. It has been infinitely close to the original brand. We have our own R & D to get very good fibers. If there is chance, you can come to visit us and you will be surprised. We can make spinning thread, covering membranes, potting, assemble , mechanical by our own factory so the quality is ensured and each membrane will made bubble test before they are sent out.

As we all know ,there are many suppliers in China who can supply you MBR but similar pulse aeration system is very less and we can make it now. That is a good news for many end users and projects.

The world economic environment is so bad, the US dollar rises sharply, enterprises and people are more to save the budget, we know that brand products are very expensive but the quality is really very good. This is an undeniable fact. Such as Veolia, suez, Toray, Kubota, Dupont, their products are really best and they are the industry benchmark.

Some clients want to get cheaper but good quality products as well and our JX MBRC is your first choice if you have similar projects need.

Unique products in China and you can use our JX cassette in your old tank and just connect the pipes and aeration pipe. Done. Pulse aeration system can be supplied as well. Duplex, 316L,304 stainless materials.

Our second Star product is our TIPS UF membrane.

Every professionals know that Asahi kasei Microza 620A has good flux, good performances in some projects and has longer lifetime. Now JX TIPS uf can give you same performances as well.

It is very exciting thing!

We know Microza product is USD43 per square meter but ours is half but can give you same warranty and you will win your clients heart and the whole market !

Why not try for one time if you want to win and get longer development in wastewater industry ?

We warmly welcome everyone who has request on MBR and TIPS UF make inquiry with us or communicate with us about your ideas of the current market.

Can replace : Zw1500, SFP2880,2860, MICROZA 620A, 620AB

It is interesting and amazing thing if we challenge the best and to be the best. The youth is better than the old. We are now finding some distributors which has good ability and will give you our best support.


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