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40 in cartridge filter Promotion Price Disposable PP Cotton Filer 1um 5um Food Grade Polypropylene PP Material World Top 100 Manufacturer

10inch PPcotton filer
1um, 5um
Food grade polypropylene PP material
Pinhole precision compression process
Double filtration precision purification
10 inch general specification
  • JXPP20

  • JX

  • JXPP002


The melt-blown filter element is made of polypropylene microfiber hot melt entanglement, without any chemical binder, the fibers are randomly self-adhesive in space to form a microporous structure, which integrates surface, deep, and coarse filtration. In the diameter direction of the filter element, it forms a deep filtration structure with high filtration accuracy and dirt holding capacity, small pressure difference, sparse outside and inside dense gradient aperture, and has strong dirt holding capacity. It can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, rust and other impurities in the flowing liquid. material, high filtration effect and long life.

For people's livelihood and domestic water filtration RO reverse osmosis filtration

Used for filtration of acid and alkali liquids in industrial chemical processes

Filtration of industrial water and electroplating solution

Filtration of imaging solution and ink

Sterile water and ultrapure water are pre-filtered

Filtration of chemical raw materials and organic solvents

The deep hole groove structure on the surface disperses the water flow direction and reduces the water flow resistance.

Surface embossed structure, pinhole structure, reduce water flow resistance.

The progressive density structure increases the dirt holding capacity of the filter element.

The surface fiber structure is strengthened, and it is not easy to produce hair loss.

Made of PP microfiber with high filtration precision.

High corrosion resistance.

Hot-melt molding without adding any adhesive.

Filter size:

Outer diameter: 60mm-115mm, can be produced according to customer requirements.

Inner diameter: 28mm, 30mm

Length: 9.75", 9.87", 10", 20", 30", 40", 50", 60"

Part material:

Filter material: polypropylene (PP)

End Cap: Polypropylene

Center rod: Polypropylene


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