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MBR flat sheet membrane

Knowing that you are interested in MBR flat sheet membrane, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • Are You Still Confused between MBR and MBBR?


    Are You Still Confused between MBR and MBBR?MBBR and MBR are commonly used in wastewater treatment technology abbreviation, but due to the abbreviation is too similar, often cause some unnecessary misunderstanding.Here, JX-purification formally emphasises that MBBR and MBR are two different technolo Read More
  • ZeeWeed 500 Membrane


    Treat high turbidity water with a membrane designed for greater solid tolerancesVeolia's(Suez) immersed ZeeWeed 500 membrane is specifically designed for difficult-to-treat water sources. Drinking water, wastewater, water reuse, and industrial applications can all benefit from Veolia's strongest Zee Read More
  • What kind of separation capability does membrane technology have?


    What kind of separation capability does membrane technology have?Reverse osmosis is currently the most sophisticated liquid filtration technology, reverse osmosis membrane for dissolved salts and other inorganic molecules and molecular weight greater than 100 organic substances to play a retention r Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Mvr And Mbr Process Features Analysis


    MVR is a steam mechanical recompression technology, MVR evaporator is the use of secondary steam energy, to complete the evaporation of sewage crystallization separation. MBR is a membrane bioreactor process, using membrane treatment technology to separate the sewage, the two are completely differen Read More
  • Principles and characteristics of microfiltration membranes


    Microfiltration membranes are divided into inorganic membranes and organic polymer membranes according to the membrane forming materials, inorganic membranes are divided into ceramic membranes and metal membranes, organic polymer membranes are divided into natural polymer membranes and synthetic pol Read More
  • Top 10 MBR membrane brands in the world(1)


    MBR membranes are mainly used to treat wastewater and are currently used in a wide range of applications such as municipal wastewater treatment projects and large industrial wastewater treatment. The current MBR membrane market is very competitive, and the hot selling MBR membrane brands are Mennen, Read More
  • How To Solve The Problem Of Membrane Contamination In Mbr?


    MBR has been widely and maturely used in wastewater treatment, because MBR replaces secondary sedimentation tank, can guarantee the effluent SS and high sludge concentration, save a lot of sewage division in the operation of some troubles, but, membrane pollution problems have also been plagued by t Read More
  • Definition of Membrane Contamination


    Membrane contamination usually refers to the process whereby substances in the mixture collect on the membrane surface (outside) and within the membrane pores (inside), causing the membrane pores to become blocked and contributing to a reduction in porosity, resulting in a reduction in membrane flux Read More
  • Advantages and disadvantages of split and integrated MBR membrane bioreactors


    What is a split membrane bioreactor?Separate membrane bioreactors use the membrane module as a separate unit from the bioreactor, the mixture is pressurised by the system into the membrane module, the permeate of the membrane module is the effluent of the system and the concentrate of the membrane m Read More
  • Essential work before installation and operation of MBR membrane modules


    MBR membrane modules are nowadays one of the major pieces of equipment in wastewater treatment. What checks and preparations should we make before the MBR membrane modules are installed and running?Checking and setting1. first we have to confirm that the connection of the effluent and air pipes is c Read More
  • Areas Of Application For Mbr


    Entering the mid to late 1990s, membrane - bioreactors have entered the practical application stage in foreign countries. The Canadian company Zenon first introduced the ultrafiltration tubular membrane - bioreactor and applied it to municipal wastewater treatment. In order to save energy, the company also developed the immersion hollow fibre membrane module, which has developed a membrane - bioreactor has been applied in the United States, Germany, France and Egypt and more than a dozen places, the scale from 380m3 /d to 7600m3 /d. Japan's Mitsubishi rayon company is also a well-known provider of immersion hollow fibre membrane in the world, its application in the MBR has also accumulated many years of experience, in Japan and other countries with a number of actual MBR projects. Kubota Japan is another company that is competitive in the practical application of membrane - bioreactors, producing plate membranes with high flow rates, resistance to contamination and simplicity of proces Read More
  • MBR Flat Sheet Module: Slaughter House Project


    It is a slaughter house which need handle 2500m³ each day. We design the wastewater treatment system for them and help the factory solve the wastewater problems. Read More
  • MBR Flat Sheet Module: Chemical Factory Project


    It is a chemical plant which will discharge much wastewater and it need purification system. We design the system and help the factory solve the question. Read More
  • MBR Flat Sheet Module: Municipal Sewage Renovation


    This is domestic wastewater treatment which required by Xian City government. Read More


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