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Wastewater Treatment Mvr And Mbr Process Features Analysis

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MVR is a steam mechanical recompression technology, MVR evaporator is the use of secondary steam energy, to complete the evaporation of sewage crystallization separation. MBR is a membrane bioreactor process, using membrane treatment technology to separate the sewage, the two are completely different sets of systems.

Main features of MVR evaporator.

1、No need to use raw steam

No need for raw steam in the whole evaporation process except for start-up.

2、Low energy consumption, low operating costs

Energy-saving effect is very significant, MVR system energy consumption is equivalent to 20% of the multi-effect evaporator.

The working process of MVR technology is that the steam at low temperature is compressed by MVR compressor, the temperature and pressure are increased and the enthalpy is increased, then it enters the heat exchanger and condenses to make full use of the latent heat of steam. No raw steam is required throughout the evaporation process, except for start-up. The secondary steam generated during evaporation is compressed and then returned to the evaporator as heating steam.

The secondary steam produced by evaporation has a low temperature but contains a large amount of latent heat. After the secondary steam is compressed by the MVR evaporator compressor to increase the temperature (pressure), it is sent back to the heat exchanger of the original evaporator as a heat source to maintain the boiling state of the liquid, while the heating steam itself condenses into water. The economy is equivalent to the 20 effects of multi-effect evaporation.

The MVR evaporator is a complete use of the secondary steam, and does not waste the thermal energy of the secondary steam.

water treatment

MBR membrane bioreactor features

High quality and stable effluent quality

Due to the efficient separation effect of the membrane, the separation effect is much better than that of traditional sedimentation tanks. The treated water is extremely clear, with suspended matter and turbidity close to zero, and bacteria and viruses are greatly removed.

Small footprint, not limited by the setting

The bioreactor can maintain a high concentration of microorganisms, and the volume load of the treatment device is high, which saves a lot of floor space; the process is simple, compact, and covers an area of less space.

Convenient operation and management, easy to achieve automatic control

The process realises the complete separation of hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT), which makes the operation control more flexible and stable, and is a new technology in wastewater treatment that can be easily equipped, and can be controlled automatically by microcomputer, thus making the operation management more convenient.

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