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If you want to know more about the Membrane bioreactor, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Membrane bioreactor industry. More news about Membrane bioreactor, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Membrane bioreactor information!
  • Are You Still Confused between MBR and MBBR?


    Are You Still Confused between MBR and MBBR?MBBR and MBR are commonly used in wastewater treatment technology abbreviation, but due to the abbreviation is too similar, often cause some unnecessary misunderstanding.Here, JX-purification formally emphasises that MBBR and MBR are two different technolo Read More
  • What kind of separation capability does membrane technology have?


    What kind of separation capability does membrane technology have?Reverse osmosis is currently the most sophisticated liquid filtration technology, reverse osmosis membrane for dissolved salts and other inorganic molecules and molecular weight greater than 100 organic substances to play a retention r Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Mvr And Mbr Process Features Analysis


    MVR is a steam mechanical recompression technology, MVR evaporator is the use of secondary steam energy, to complete the evaporation of sewage crystallization separation. MBR is a membrane bioreactor process, using membrane treatment technology to separate the sewage, the two are completely differen Read More
  • Top 10 MBR membrane brands in the world(2)


    Kubota, JapanKubota is one of the largest water treatment equipment manufacturers in Japan, founded in 1890 and headquartered in Osaka. The company's main water treatment equipment includes pumps, valves, grids, dewatering machines, various water supply and drainage pipes and membrane bioreactors (M Read More
  • Top 10 MBR membrane brands in the world(1)


    MBR membranes are mainly used to treat wastewater and are currently used in a wide range of applications such as municipal wastewater treatment projects and large industrial wastewater treatment. The current MBR membrane market is very competitive, and the hot selling MBR membrane brands are Mennen, Read More
  • Application of various membrane technologies in water treatment(1)


    1. Forward Osmosis (FO) technologyThe principle of forward osmosis (FO)The solvent is separated from the solution by a semi-permeable membrane that can only pass through the solvent but not the solute molecules. The solvent molecules will spontaneously pass through the membrane from the solvent side Read More
  • Advantages and disadvantages of split and integrated MBR membrane bioreactors


    What is a split membrane bioreactor?Separate membrane bioreactors use the membrane module as a separate unit from the bioreactor, the mixture is pressurised by the system into the membrane module, the permeate of the membrane module is the effluent of the system and the concentrate of the membrane m Read More
  • Process Characteristics Of Mbr


    Compared to many conventional biological water treatment processes, MBR has the following key advantages. Read More


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