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Essential work before installation and operation of MBR membrane modules

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MBR membrane modules are nowadays one of the major pieces of equipment in wastewater treatment. What checks and preparations should we make before the MBR membrane modules are installed and running?

Checking and setting

1. first we have to confirm that the connection of the effluent and air pipes is correct or not (correct connection errors in time)

2. make sure that the MBR membrane module installed on top of the aeration tank has been fixed firmly.

3. make sure that the reaction tank where the MBR membrane module is installed has been cleaned to avoid a certain degree of damage to the membrane module caused by dust, mud, etc.

4. open the air discharge valve before putting the water into the reaction tank to allow the air in the MBR membrane module to be completely discharged.

5. put the water to be treated or tap water to the normal water level.

6. close the air discharge valve after the waterproofing is completed.

Introduction to clear water operation

1. after the aeration blower is started to confirm the aeration volume and uniformity of aeration, noting that foam may occur during clear water operation, the appearance of foam may be due to non-fusible hydrophilic substances in the MBR membrane modules which can be ignored.

2. If a single blower is used to feed multiple MBR membrane modules, then we need to ensure that each module receives exactly the same amount of air. If there is a large difference in air delivery, double check the ductwork and air delivery to keep the air delivery consistent.

3. check the performance of the control equipment during clear water commissioning to see if the performance meets the pre-designed results (address any problems promptly).

4. to accurately measure the amount of filtered water such as the maximum and minimum flow rates, the differential pressure between membranes and the water temperature when commissioning clear water for record keeping.

5. stop the aeration and filtration operation immediately after the clear water commissioning.

water treatment

Seeding sludge

The MBR membrane module should be seeded before it is officially put into use. This is because if raw water separation is carried out directly without adding seed sludge, it will be very easy to produce membrane blockages and other situations.

The user should prepare in advance the sludge for treating the same kind of wastewater and sewage, here it is recommended to use the seed sludge with MLSS concentration of 20,000 MG/L.

After the seed sludge is put into the raw water in time, you can use a grate with a gap of less than 5mm to get rid of impurities and then put it in.

After the seed sludge is put in, the MLSS concentration should be above 7000mg/L (here you need to pay attention not to use inoculants).


Once the MBR membrane module has been inspected and the seed sludge has been placed, the aeration operation can begin. After aeration, the raw water is filtered. When the filtered water volume is stable, data such as pressure and water temperature between membranes are recorded. Make future maintenance, inspection and overhaul more convenient. Observe and record more during the test run and deal with any problems in time.


MBR membrane modules must be tested and inspected in the above order before they can be operated if they are to give excellent performance in the process. It is strictly forbidden for the user to delete the inspection operation steps before operation.

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