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The articles shown below are all about the Water Treatment Equipment, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the Water Treatment Equipment. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these Water Treatment Equipment articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Are You Still Confused between MBR and MBBR?


    Are You Still Confused between MBR and MBBR?MBBR and MBR are commonly used in wastewater treatment technology abbreviation, but due to the abbreviation is too similar, often cause some unnecessary misunderstanding.Here, JX-purification formally emphasises that MBBR and MBR are two different technolo Read More
  • JX purification MBR-unique manufacturer in China for 20 years


    The MBR membrane bioreactor is a new type of treatment process. Compared with the traditional process, it has the characteristics of a small footprint, good effluent quality, and low operating cost. It is one of the hotspots in wastewater treatment and has wide applications.What is the MBR Membrane Read More
  • Booster pump, high pressure pump does not absorb water


    Booster pump, high pressure pump does not absorb waterSolution: If the voltage is 380v, check whether the booster pump and high pressure pump are reversed, if found reversed, the three power terminals of the pump should be switched to any two, if not reversed, the exhaust valve of the pump should be Read More
  • What are the key points in the selection of the installation location of water softening equipment


    What are the key points in the selection of the installation location of water softening equipment?Water softening equipment has good water quality and stable system operation, and is used by many companies. While installing water softening equipment, the following points should be noted.1) Water so Read More
  • Water Treatment Equipment Often Appear 6 Major Problems(2)


    4. The selection points of the installation location of water softening equipmentWater softening equipment has good water quality and stable system operation, and is used by many enterprises. While installing water softening equipment, the following points should be noted.(1) Water softening equipme Read More
  • Water Treatment Equipment Often Appear 6 Major Problems(1)


    1. Reverse osmosis equipment in the seal ring expansion phenomenonWater treatment equipment in reverse osmosis equipment in order to achieve the membrane shell between the zones of sealing isolation, the membrane shell requires three types of sealing rubber ring. In order to reduce the installation Read More
  • How To Solve The Problem Of Membrane Contamination In Mbr?


    MBR has been widely and maturely used in wastewater treatment, because MBR replaces secondary sedimentation tank, can guarantee the effluent SS and high sludge concentration, save a lot of sewage division in the operation of some troubles, but, membrane pollution problems have also been plagued by t Read More
  • Latest EU effluent reuse regulations issued


    Climate change, population growth and urbanisation have raised concerns about water scarcity in many EU countries (particularly in the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastal regions), but a new regulation will ease these growing pressures and mark a move towards a circular economy.The European Parliamen Read More
  • Application of various membrane technologies in water treatment(1)


    1. Forward Osmosis (FO) technologyThe principle of forward osmosis (FO)The solvent is separated from the solution by a semi-permeable membrane that can only pass through the solvent but not the solute molecules. The solvent molecules will spontaneously pass through the membrane from the solvent side Read More
  • Case of 100 tons electroplating wastewater treatment project in Shanghai


    The project was put into operation in December 2017 and has been running for more than 3 years so far. Doing the daily maintenance work during the use of MBR membrane can ensure its normal and stable operation, prolong the service life of membrane modules and reduce the operating cost of membrane bi Read More
  • Areas Of Application For Mbr


    Entering the mid to late 1990s, membrane - bioreactors have entered the practical application stage in foreign countries. The Canadian company Zenon first introduced the ultrafiltration tubular membrane - bioreactor and applied it to municipal wastewater treatment. In order to save energy, the company also developed the immersion hollow fibre membrane module, which has developed a membrane - bioreactor has been applied in the United States, Germany, France and Egypt and more than a dozen places, the scale from 380m3 /d to 7600m3 /d. Japan's Mitsubishi rayon company is also a well-known provider of immersion hollow fibre membrane in the world, its application in the MBR has also accumulated many years of experience, in Japan and other countries with a number of actual MBR projects. Kubota Japan is another company that is competitive in the practical application of membrane - bioreactors, producing plate membranes with high flow rates, resistance to contamination and simplicity of proces Read More
  • What Is The Difference Between Reverse Osmosis Ro Membrane And Nanofiltration Membrane Nf?


    Currently in water filtration, reverse osmosis membranes and nanofiltration membranes are the most commonly used membrane elements, but many users have a vague understanding of reverse osmosis membranes and nanofiltration membranes. Today Jun Xin will introduce to you what the differences between RO and NF membranes are, as well as the commonalities and differences. Read More
  • Successful Commercialisation Of Reverse Osmosis Technology


    Reverse osmosis membranes are now used in a wide range of industries, but do you know their origins and history? This article takes you through the history of reverse osmosis membranes. Read More
  • Why Should Scale Inhibitors Be Added To Reverse Osmosis Equipment?


    Reverse osmosis membrane is the key equipment of the reverse osmosis system, the system for a long time in continuous operation, the water calcium and magnesium plasma will be constantly precipitated and attached to the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane, the formation of scaling blocking the membrane pores, which will affect the efficiency of the reverse osmosis system water, damage to the reverse osmosis membrane. As the reverse osmosis membrane is more expensive, so in the operation of the system, to increase a section of the dosing system, water treatment equipment in the water with reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, delay the precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions and membrane surface scaling. Read More
  • How To Solve The Situation Of Contaminated Reverse Osmosis Membranes


    For each membrane unit, people want it to function to the maximum, hoping for the highest desalination rate, maximum water permeability and the longest possible life. A reasonable pre-treatment is essential for the long-term safe operation of the reverse osmosis plant. Read More
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