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Water Treatment Equipment Often Appear 6 Major Problems(1)

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1. Reverse osmosis equipment in the seal ring expansion phenomenon

Water treatment equipment in reverse osmosis equipment in order to achieve the membrane shell between the zones of sealing isolation, the membrane shell requires three types of sealing rubber ring. In order to reduce the installation resistance system installation should be in each seal ring surface coated with water or glycerin.

Particular attention should be paid to the use of petroleum jelly or other petroleum-based grease lubricants, as this can cause cracking of the freshwater tubes and, in particular, swelling of the seals. The swelling of the rings does not generally affect the operational effectiveness of the system directly, but can affect the reloading of the system after unloading, i.e. the swollen rings are difficult to get into the tank when loaded.

2. The basic requirements for the water quality of purified water equipment

Purified water equipment for the use of purified water in the pharmaceutical, biological and medical industries. But what is the basic standard of purified water quality? The Chinese Pharmacopoeia and the European Pharmacopoeia both clearly state that the raw water used for pharmaceuticals must at least meet the standard of drinking water. If the standard is not met, evolutionary treatment is first carried out until the standard is met.

In the process of making water in purified water equipment, there is also internal pollution, and various water treatment devices in purified water equipment can become sources of pollution. Therefore, the water purification equipment must be cleaned and disinfected frequently, in addition, the end of the water purification equipment should also be installed sterilisation devices.

water treatment

3. Purified water equipment water quality characteristics

Purified water equipment out of the water - purified water has two characteristics. One feature is the gradual increase in the disinfection and sterilization equipment installed in the purified water equipment.

Another feature is that the pipeline distribution system of purified water equipment by the circulation pipeline instead of the traditional water pipeline, both of which are designed to control microbial contamination and the increase in bacterial endotoxins. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the influence of the flow rate in the pipe on microbial reproduction, i.e. a low flow rate or blockage in the pipe may cause an increase in microbial reproduction and affect water quality.

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