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Booster pump, high pressure pump does not absorb water

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-27      Origin: Site


Booster pump, high pressure pump does not absorb water

Solution: If the voltage is 380v, check whether the booster pump and high pressure pump are reversed, if found reversed, the three power terminals of the pump should be switched to any two, if not reversed, the exhaust valve of the pump should be opened to open air or filled with water.

220v booster pump, high pressure pump will not reverse the phenomenon, as long as the pump's exhaust valve open air or fill the pump body with water can be.

High pressure pump does not start

Solution: Check whether the relay connected to the high-pressure pump is suctioned, whether the wire of the wiring plug is loose, off or underwater indicator lights up; if the underwater indicator lights up, it means that the original water source is not enough for the booster pump, in order not to make the high-pressure pump idle and thus damage the high-pressure pump, so use the water cut-off protector to cut off the power supply of the high-pressure pump, thus playing a role in protecting the high-pressure pump. If sufficient water is provided, so that the pressure of the water cut-off protector reaches the working pressure requirements of the high-pressure pump, the water cut-off protector light goes out, you can start the high-pressure pump.

water treatment

High-pressure pump makes a strange noise

Solution: Check whether the high-pressure pump is idling, sometimes the high-pressure pump will make some strange noise when the water does not enter completely, usually disappears automatically in 1~3 minutes, if it does not disappear after 3 minutes, the exhaust valve of the high-pressure pump should be opened to bleed or inject water.

Pipe bursting

Solution: Due to poor water quality in some areas, more impurities, or due to a long time without replacing the velvet spray cartridge and cleaning RO membrane, will lead to RO membrane blockage, resulting in high pressure in the pipe, resulting in pipe bursting.

In this case, you should first check whether the velvet spray cartridge needs to be cleaned or replaced, and then clean the RO membrane. Poor quality raw water will lead to RO membrane often clogged, at this time we should add ion exchange equipment or add scale inhibitor in raw water to eliminate impurities in the water, so as to improve the quality of water production and increase the service life of the RO membrane.

The water output is getting smaller and smaller

Solution: Some equipment users will find that the equipment output is getting smaller and smaller (using tap water for raw water equipment basically does not appear this phenomenon), this is because some groundwater quality is poor, more impurities, resulting in partial clogging of the RO membrane, thus reducing the equipment output.

At this time we should regularly pre-treatment backflush, velvet spray cartridge for replacement, RO membrane cleaning, or the raw water from the poor quality of groundwater replaced with tap water (in the absence of tap water in the case of good configuration of a set of ion exchange scale inhibition system, basically will eliminate the occurrence of such phenomena).

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