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What are the key points in the selection of the installation location of water softening equipment

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What are the key points in the selection of the installation location of water softening equipment?

Water softening equipment has good water quality and stable system operation, and is used by many companies. While installing water softening equipment, the following points should be noted.

1) Water softening equipment should be located as close as possible to the drainage.

2) If other water treatment equipment is required, the installation position should be reserved.

3) As salt is added to the salt tank on a regular basis, a location for salt discharge should be set up.

4) Do not install water softening equipment within 3 metres of the boiler, otherwise the hot water will flow back into the water softening equipment and cause damage.

5) To place the water softening equipment in an environment where the room temperature is below 1°C and above 49°C.

water treatment

What are the precautions for the use of water softening equipment?

Water softening equipment is to remove Ca, Mg plasma in water, reduce the hardness of the water, so that the water softening water treatment equipment. Water softening equipment after a long time of use, to follow certain precautions.

(1) water softening equipment in the use of water inlet should be open for a long time, unless it is necessary to close the case of equipment maintenance. If you do not need to use water, you can close the water valve.

(2) If the water softening equipment regeneration is incomplete resulting in water failure can be manually regenerated.

(3) When the water softening equipment is out of use for a long time, the brine needs to be drawn into the tank for protection.

(4) When put into use again, you only need to prepare the same brine as normal work, first open the water inlet valve, then connect the power supply, let the equipment reset itself and then manually regenerate once finished you can open the water outlet valve.

(5) If the industrial salt used is too dirty, the salt drum should be cleaned once a year to ensure the smooth process of salt absorption.

What are the installation standards for ultrapure water equipment?

The water quality of ultrapure water equipment is good, suitable for the production needs of various types of enterprises, and the scope of use is gradually expanding. This article mainly introduces the installation of ultrapure water equipment when the standard description.

(1) equipment installation site should be selected in the flat, clean environment, close to the power supply, water supply environment.

(2) Do not approach the fire source and any heat generator to avoid heat affecting its operational efficiency.

(3) The equipment should not be installed outdoors in northern areas to prevent the equipment from freezing inside and damaging the instruments and filter elements.

(4) The equipment should be installed in a position that allows for easy drainage, so that the drainage pipes of the equipment are kept smooth.

(5) The working pressure of the pump used in the system should be ensured to be 1.0-1.2Mpa, ensuring that the pump works within its rated head.

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