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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment Dow Nafei 400G/600G Membrane

Residential RO system is a kind of water purification equipment that uses multi-stage filter cartridges for water purification, processing mostly using physical methods such as filtration, adsorption and reverse osmosis without adding chemicals. According to the water purifier water purification precision can be divided into living drinking type water purifier, also called home water purifier.
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Product description

Water production process:

Pure water equipment for the household goods industry is reverse osmosis water treatment equipment. Reverse osmosis is the application of a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure to a solution, causing water to pass through a specially designed semi-permeable membrane and be separated from the solution. Because this process is the opposite of natural osmosis, it is called reverse osmosis. According to the different osmotic pressures of various materials, a reverse osmosis method greater than the osmotic pressure can be used for a certain solution to achieve the purpose of separating, extracting, purifying and concentrating the solution. The reverse osmosis unit, which mainly separates the ionic range of the solution, does not require heating, much less a phase change process, and therefore consumes less energy than traditional methods. The reverse osmosis unit is small, simple to operate and has a relatively wide range of applications. With reverse osmosis units, industrial water is treated without consuming large amounts of acid and alkali, without secondary pollution, and its operating costs are relatively low.

整机2 滤芯

400G/600G/800G pure water machine

Water source:

Municipal tap water

Applicable water pressure:


Applicable water temperature:


Rated voltage:


Rated power:


Machine size:


Product configuration

  • Delta 400G Pump

  • Dow Nafei 400G/600G membrane (97.9% desalination rate)

  • 4A power supply

  • Stainless steel brand single faucet (up to 670g)

  • CCK PE pipes

  • Imported filters

  • Pure copper nickel-plated rust-proof tee

  • Meishuo water inlet * waste water solenoid valve

  • Kobo high and low pressure

  • Original imported CCK filter bottle

  • Double gauge stainless steel frame

  • Smart computer board/TDS display/filter replacement reminder function

  • With water leakage protection function, water quality detection function


Due to aging pipes, water pollution and other problems, the daily use of tap water, water quality is also affected to varying degrees, pure water machine using the principle of reverse osmosis will be polluted water or poorer water quality to get scientific treatment, can remove metal ions, residual chlorine, viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water, completely eliminating the secondary pollution in the water.

Product features

  • Adopts super quiet bass diaphragm type booster pump, low noise, low vibration, long service life and wide applicable water pressure.

  • Adopt advanced automatic control technology, the original water shortage stop, pressure storage bucket full stop, with work status indication function (optional)

  • High-pressure automatic flushing of the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane function, effectively extending the service life of the membrane

  • The pre-treatment cartridge adopts a replaceable method to effectively ensure the pre-treatment effect, easy to replace, the cartridge price is economical and the operation cost of water production is low

  • The direct drinking water produced by this machine is living water free of bacteria and impurities, rich in oxygen, with good taste, strong permeability and solubility, which can activate cells and enhance immunity and resistance.

Cartridge function 
  1. PP cotton: primary filtration of raw water, removing coarser particles of impurities, sludge, colloids, suspended substances, etc. in the water.

  2. Granular activated carbon: adsorbs odour, colour, organic matter, some heavy metals, etc. from the water

  3. Carbon rod activated carbon (1 micron PP cotton): further removal of chlorine, organic compounds, foreign colours, odours, turbidity, etc.

  4. RO reverse osmosis membrane: pore size 0.1nm, removes bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other organic impurities from the water.

  5. Post-activated carbon: adjusts the pH value of the water and improves the taste.



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