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Drinking Water Stainless Reverse Osmosis Membrane System Sell in Arab Dubai Good TDS Hot Sale 2022

Reverse osmosis pure water equipment is a water treatment technology that uses membrane separation. RO reverse osmosis water treatment is to desalinate and purify salt-containing feedwater by physical methods without phase change at room temperature. At present, the desalination rate of ultra-thin composite membrane elements can reach more than 98%, and can simultaneously remove colloids, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. in water.  JX can supply kinds of types such as 250LPH,500LPH, 1000LPH,1500LPH,2000LPH,2500LPH,3000LPH and bigger sizes.
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  • JXSSRO2000L

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1. Quartz sand filter

Using multi-layer filter material. The main purpose is to remove sediment, rust, colloidal substances, suspended solids and other substances with a particle size of more than 20 microns contained in the raw water.

2. Activated carbon filter

Nutshell activated carbon has the function of high-efficiency adsorption; greatly improves the degree of water purification; it has remarkable removal performance for odor, organic matter, chroma, colloid, iron and residual chlorine in water.

3. Softening/dosing device: use resin adsorption or add scale inhibitor to prevent silicate, calcium and magnesium ions in the water from scaling and blocking the reverse osmosis membrane.

4. Precision filter

The 5-micron polypropylene melt-blown filter element is used to further filter impurities and colloids larger than 5 microns in the water to prevent clogging of the reverse osmosis membrane.

5.RO reverse osmosis

The core components of reverse osmosis equipment. Membrane separation technology is used to remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metal ions, etc. in the water to reach the standard of pure water. The desalination rate of the system is over 98%.


1. Adopt famous brand reverse osmosis membrane, high desalination rate, long service life and low operating cost.

2. The automatic preprocessing system is adopted to realize unmanned operation.

3. Adopt famous brand booster pump, high efficiency, low noise, stable and reliable.

4. Online water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality changes, to ensure water quality safety.

5. Fully automatic electronic control program, optional touch screen operation, easy to use.

6. Personalized design in line with local water quality to meet the needs in an all-round way.

Design processing route:


Customized product is available. 

Just tell us your water yield and raw water parameters then we will design a professional reverse osmosis system for you . 

250L/h, 500L/h, 1000L/h, 1500L/h, 2000L/h,2500L/h,3000L/h,5000L/h ....100M3/H.

Choose what you need. 

We also have Reverse osmosis system chemicals. 

Ro reverse osmosis system

Membrane Antiscalants

reducing agent

non-oxidizing fungicides

Membrane cleaner








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