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JX purification-Factory Tour

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JX purification-Factory Tour

JX purification-Factory Tour

Hi everyone,

Breaking News: A Visit to JX purification factory Reveals Cutting-Edge Technology and Sustainable Practices. When it comes to wastewater treatment suppliers, we wonder what their products are like?

Follow our camera to see the factory live show first!


Our factory was established on 2001.

we were able to see first-hand the state-of-the-art facilities and innovative practices that have made this plant a leader in the film manufacturing industry.


JX MBR Advantages

It’s generally acknowledged that membrane bioreactors have a number of advantages over otherwastewater technologies.

1 . Good chemical tolerance

2 . High tensile strength

3 . High aperture ratio ( Max90 % ) with high flux

4 . High temperatureresistance ( Max . 200 C )

5 . Superior hydrophilicity

6 . Unique structural arrangement .

7 . Specific microstructure

8 . Alkali washing

9 . Dry preservation and easy totransportSo how do we pack and ship MBR.

10.We can supply: Suez zeeweed 500D membrane analogue, Mitsubishi 5000, 5600 replacement, Mbr membranes of our own design.

How do we do the packing?

-See the video and photo presentation below

..\产品视频\MBR膜\MBR (2).mp4 ..\产品视频\MBR膜\MBR packing

When packing MBRs, our factory implements vacuum sealing to prevent membrane damage caused by long-distance transport, and then packs them in wooden crates.

JX factory focuses on technological advancement and sustainable practices to provide first-class products while minimising our impact on the environment. JX factory is committed to meeting the changing needs of our customers and contributing to a greener future.

Choose JX to give you the best quality and peace of mind!


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