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Heavy Metal Industry


Heavy metal wastewater mainly comes from wastewater discharged from mining, smelting, electrolysis, electroplating, pesticide, medicine, paint, pigment and other enterprises.

The principles of heavy metal wastewater treatment are: First, the most fundamental is to reform the production process. Do not use or use less toxic heavy metals; secondly, adopt reasonable technological processes, scientific management and operation, reduce the amount of heavy metals and the loss of heavy metals with wastewater, and minimize the amount of wastewater discharged.

Electroplating industry and Circuit board industry will produce much heavy metal pollution to the environment as well as it bring much more profits for our country.

We design a closed circulation treatment and reuse system for heavy metal wastewater.

The system can purify the wastewater and recycle the heavy metal. The separation technology of concentration and recovery of heavy metal wastewater not only solves the environmental pollution of the industry but also create economic benefits for enterprises.

This membrane separation technology has the following features:

1. The electroplating wastewater is concentrated "as is" according to the composition of the electroplating tank bath (trough side treatment), so that the concentrated electroplating wastewater can be returned to the electroplating tank for reuse, and the water is used as rinse water.

2. Membrane treatment generally does not add any chemical substances, does not produce sludge and residue, and does not cause secondary pollution.

3. Membrane separation technology solves the disorderly discharge of wastewater, recovers effective resources, reduces the cost of wastewater treatment, and realizes the resource utilization of pollutants.

4. Membrane processing equipment has a small footprint, compact equipment, easy control, and continuous operation.

JX Purification can give you a professional design project.

JX Purification can give you PVDF/ PTFE MBR membrane, Flat sheet MBR membrane and modules, Ceramic flat sheet MBR membranes and modules(FCM), UF (Ultrafilter) membranes, RO membranes and modules (LP--low pressure, FR- fouling resistance/anti-pollution, BW /SW, desalination)same with LG, Toray, Hydrangea,Ge etc.

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