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Printing and Dyeing Industry


The printing and dyeing industry consumes a lot of water, usually 100-200 tons of water per ton of textile printing and dyeing, of which 80%-90% is discharged as printing and dyeing wastewater. Commonly used treatment methods include recycling and harmless treatment.

The use of membrane separation technology to remove impurities, purify and concentrate the reaction product liquid in the production of reactive dyes can not only concentrate the product, but also obtain high-quality liquid products. Salting out and acid precipitation are used in traditional production methods, which need to consume a large amount of inorganic salts and acids, which not only increases production costs, but also causes harm to the environment, and it is difficult to remove impurities such as inorganic salts and acids in products, which affects product quality. Membrane technology to remove impurities, purify and concentrate wastewater not only greatly reduces production costs and improves product quality, but also avoids harm to the environment, creating considerable economic and social benefits for enterprises.

At present, desalination is a crucial step in the production of high-quality dyes during the production of dyes. A large number of practical experiences have proved that only reducing the salt in the fuel can improve the color strength of the dyes. Liquid dyes require almost complete removal of inorganic salts that are part of or added to dye production. Membrane separation system can improve dye quality, increase product yield, expand production capacity, save consumption of raw and auxiliary materials, reduce pollution, and meet the requirements and specifications of clean production process.

Desalination and concentration are carried out at the same time, saving energy and reducing consumption.

Reduce the salt content of the product, remove the reaction by-products, and significantly improve the product quality.

The system adopts advanced membrane separation technology, with simple process, stable and reliable operation and high processing efficiency. Fast speed and shorten production cycle.

The system implements componentized design, with a high degree of equipment automation, which can realize PLC control, easy operation and maintenance, and easy standardized management.

The equipment configuration is economical and reasonable, the investment is small, the floor space is small, the auxiliary facilities are few, and the operation cost is low.

The system does not produce secondary pollution to the environment.


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