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Food and Beverage Industry Wastewater


The food and beverage industry has a wide range of raw materials and a wide variety of products, and the amount and quality of discharged wastewater vary greatly. The main pollutants in wastewater are: 1. Solid substances floating in wastewater, such as vegetable leaves, fruit peels, minced meat, poultry feathers, etc.; 2. Substances suspended in wastewater include oil, protein, starch, colloidal substances, etc.; 3. Acids, alkalis, salts, sugars, etc. dissolved in waste water: 4. Sediment and other organic matter entrained by raw materials; 5. Pathogenic bacteria and poisons.

Food and beverage industry wastewater is characterized by high content of organic substances and suspended solids, easy to spoil, and generally not toxic. Its harm is mainly to make the water eutrophication, resulting in the death of aquatic animals and fish, and promote the odor of organic matter deposited on the bottom of the water, deteriorate the water quality, and pollute the environment.

For example, we use the membrane separation to handle the soybean protein production wastewater.The system isolates soy protein and soybean oligosaccharide with desalination and concentration. The water isolated from them can be discharged or reused. It not only decrease the pollution but also create more profits for the enterprises.

We have developed a feasible treatment process for soybean protein isolate and whey wastewater, extracting soluble protein and oligosaccharides separately, recycling high-concentration organic matter that cannot be easily degraded by raw materials, and at the same time ensuring that the wastewater can be reused after treatment. during production process. The application of this technology has opened up a new way to solve the problem of protein isolate whey wastewater treatment in the soybean industry.

Processing route: UF, NF, RO.

JX Purification can give you a professional design project.

JX Purification can give you PVDF/ PTFE MBR membrane, Flat sheet MBR membrane and modules, Ceramic flat sheet MBR membranes and modules(FCM), UF (Ultrafilter) membranes, RO membranes and modules (LP--low pressure, FR- fouling resistance/anti-pollution, BW /SW, desalination)same with LG, Toray, Hydrangea,Ge etc.

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