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Why Should Scale Inhibitors Be Added To Reverse Osmosis Equipment?

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Before talking about the role of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, a brief description of the reverse osmosis system: reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is the original water through the precision filter, particle activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter, etc., and then pressurized by the pump, using the pore size of 1/10000μm (equivalent to 1/6000 of the size of E. coli, 1/300 of the virus) of the reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane), so that the higher concentration of water At the same time, industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and a large number of impurities mixed into the water are all isolated, so that the water treatment equipment to meet the physical and chemical indicators and health standards for drinking, the output to clear to pure water, is the best choice for the human body to replenish quality water in a timely manner. As RO reverse osmosis technology to produce water purity is currently the highest of all human mastery of water technology, the cleanliness of almost 100%.

Reverse osmosis membrane is the key equipment of the reverse osmosis system, the system for a long time in continuous operation, the water calcium and magnesium plasma will be constantly precipitated and attached to the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane, the formation of scaling blocking the membrane pores, which will affect the efficiency of the reverse osmosis system water, damage to the reverse osmosis membrane. As the reverse osmosis membrane is more expensive, so in the operation of the system, to increase a section of the dosing system, water treatment equipment in the water with reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, delay the precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions and membrane surface scaling.

Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is specially used for reverse osmosis (RO) system and nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) system scale inhibitor, can prevent membrane surface fouling, can improve water production and water quality, reduce operating costs. It has the following characteristics:

1. Effective control of inorganic fouling over a wide concentration range

2. No coalescence with iron and aluminium oxides and silicon compounds to form insoluble substances

3. Effective in inhibiting the aggregation and deposition of silicon, with SiO2 concentrations up to 290 ppm on the concentrated water side

4. Can be used in reverse osmosis CA and TFC membranes, nanofiltration membranes and ultrafiltration membranes

5. Excellent solubility and stability

6. Effective at feed water pH values in the range 5-10

The basic role of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor.

1. Complex and solubilization role: reverse osmosis scale inhibitor dissolved in water ionization, the generation of negatively charged molecular chain, it and Ca2 to form a water-soluble complex or chelate, so that the solubility of inorganic salts increased, to play the role of scale inhibition.

2. Lattice distortion: by reverse osmosis scale inhibitor molecules in part of the functional group in the inorganic salt nuclei or microcrystals, occupying a certain position, hinder and destroy the normal growth of inorganic salt crystals, slowing down the growth rate of the crystal, thereby reducing the formation of salt scale;

3. Electrostatic repulsion: reverse osmosis scale inhibitor dissolved in water adsorbed on the microcrystals of inorganic salts, so that the repulsive force between particles increased, hindering their agglomeration, so that they are in a good state of dispersion, thereby preventing or reducing the formation of scale.

4. Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor function type and application reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is used for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration system performance improvement

5. Scale inhibitors and dispersants are a range of chemicals used to stop the precipitation of crystalline mineral salts and the formation of scales.


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