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Nf And Ro Membranes In The Material Separation Industry

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Membrane separation technology is a technology that uses the selectivity of the membrane (pore size) and the energy difference between the two sides of the membrane as the driving force to achieve separation due to the different mobility of the components in the solution through the membrane. As the membrane separation process is a purely physical process, it is characterised by no phase change, energy saving, small size and can be split, making membrane separation technology widely used in fermentation, pharmaceutical, chemical and water treatment processes and in the environmental protection industry.

In practical engineering applications, membrane separation technology in water treatment and other environmental fields is familiar to industry technicians and is applied flexibly. With the widespread application of this technology, technicians have found that there are great benefits to be gained by adding this technology to many traditional industries. This paper takes NF/RO membrane as an example and lists several industries to briefly discuss the application of NF/RO membrane separation technology in these industries.

The juice concentration industry (apple juice as an example)

Traditional juice concentration industry, in fresh fruit juice, enzymatic digestion is often used after the resin adsorption process to complete the decolorization process, and then vacuum evaporation process to complete the concentration, especially the vacuum evaporation process will consume a lot of power costs. If the new process below is used, not only does it save a lot of power costs, but also the product water derived from RO concentration can be simply treated as fresh fruit cleaning water, which to a certain extent improves the utilization rate of water and reduces the cost of water.

Chinese herbal medicine purification industry

The application of membrane separation technology in the refining and concentration of Chinese herbal medicine optimizes the process of refining Chinese medicine, shortens the production cycle, improves the active ingredients of the preparation, saves a large amount of solvent consumption, improves the quality of the product, and especially important is the use of NF/RO low-temperature concentration of the extract to reduce product destruction and improve product quality.

water treatment

Amino acid production industry

The traditional amino acid production process mainly includes boiling gel, acid digestion, resin adsorption, ammonia elution, film concentration, drying and crystallization, etc., while the film concentration process requires a large amount of steam consumption. After the ammonia elution process, the technicians set up a RO membrane concentration process to concentrate the eluate to a sugar level of 6000 or more before carrying out film concentration, which not only saves a lot of steam consumption, but also allows the fresh water derived from the RO concentration process to be reused in the previous process.

Concentration and desalination of dyestuff

As people's living standards improve and the textile printing and dyeing downstream industry pays more and more attention to environmental protection, the requirements for dyestuffs are becoming higher and higher, and environmentally friendly dyestuffs with bright colours and high dyeing rates and salt-free liquid dyestuffs are becoming more and more popular. It has been proven that the only way to improve the colour strength of dyestuffs and to create stable solvent conditions for the addition of auxiliary auxiliaries is to reduce the salt content of the dyestuff. Liquid dyestuffs require the almost complete elimination of inorganic salts produced or added during the production of dyestuffs in order to ensure the stability and solubility of the product.

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