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These are related to the Ro Membrane news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Ro Membrane and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Ro Membrane market.
  • Cleaning method used to clean membrane system


    How do I know which cleaning method to use to clean my membrane system?In order to get the best cleaning results, it is important to choose the right cleaning agent and cleaning procedure, as incorrect cleaning can actually deteriorate the system performance.Why is the pH of the RO produced water lo Read More
  • What is the relationship between influent TDS and conductivity?


    What is the relationship between influent TDS and conductivity?When a feed water conductivity value is obtained, it must be converted to a TDS value so that it can be entered in the software design. For most water sources, the conductivity/TDS ratio is between 1.2 and 1.7. For ROSA design, a ratio o Read More
  • ZeeWeed 500 Membrane


    Treat high turbidity water with a membrane designed for greater solid tolerancesVeolia's(Suez) immersed ZeeWeed 500 membrane is specifically designed for difficult-to-treat water sources. Drinking water, wastewater, water reuse, and industrial applications can all benefit from Veolia's strongest Zee Read More
  • What kind of pretreatment is generally required for RO systems?


    What kind of pretreatment is generally required for RO systems?The usual pre-treatment system consists of the following, coarse filtration (~80 microns) to remove large particles, addition of oxidants such as sodium hypochlorite, followed by precision filtration through a multi-media filter or clari Read More
  • Application of various membrane technologies in water treatment(1)


    1. Forward Osmosis (FO) technologyThe principle of forward osmosis (FO)The solvent is separated from the solution by a semi-permeable membrane that can only pass through the solvent but not the solute molecules. The solvent molecules will spontaneously pass through the membrane from the solvent side Read More
  • Advantages and disadvantages of split and integrated MBR membrane bioreactors


    What is a split membrane bioreactor?Separate membrane bioreactors use the membrane module as a separate unit from the bioreactor, the mixture is pressurised by the system into the membrane module, the permeate of the membrane module is the effluent of the system and the concentrate of the membrane m Read More
  • What is the PTFE-MBR membrane material?


    PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene, trade name "Teflon", commonly known as "King of Plastics") was discovered in 1932 by Dr. Roy Plunkett, who came to the United States after graduating from DuPont to work on organic fluorine. In the summer of 1938, he discovered the white powder polymer polytetrafluoroe Read More
  • Nf And Ro Membranes In The Material Separation Industry


    Membrane separation technology is a technology that uses the selectivity of the membrane (pore size) and the energy difference between the two sides of the membrane as the driving force to achieve separation due to the different mobility of the components in the solution through the membrane. As the Read More
  • Process Characteristics Of Mbr


    Compared to many conventional biological water treatment processes, MBR has the following key advantages. Read More
  • How to Commission Reverse Osmosis Equipment?


    When the raw water is not flowing into the reverse osmosis membrane system, all remaining abnormal substances in the pre-treatment equipment that may accompany the flow of water should first be thoroughly removed before commissioning the equipment. Read More
  • Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Equipment Maintenance Skills


    Reverse osmosis equipment is easy to operate and its high efficiency saves money in various areas such as manpower. However, some problems inevitably occur in the daily operation of reverse osmosis equipment, so in order to extend the service life of reverse osmosis equipment, the operator should not only have certain maintenance skills, but also the daily data of reverse osmosis equipment is particularly important to record. Read More
  • Service Life of Reverse Osmosis Membranes


    In the process of using the equipment, in addition to the normal decay of performance, the decay of equipment performance due to pollution is more serious. The main types of contamination are chemical scale, organic and colloidal contamination, microbial contamination and so on. Different contaminants show different symptoms. The symptoms of membrane contamination also vary from one membrane company to another. Read More
  • The Main Process Flow of a Reverse Osmosis Installation


    Reverse osmosis plant is used with sufficient pressure to make the solvent in the solution (generally water) pass through the reverse osmosis membrane (or semi-permeable membrane) and separate out, because this process is opposite to the direction of natural osmosis, hence the name reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis equipment engineering can adapt to all types of raw water with salt content, especially in water treatment projects with high salt content, and can obtain good technical and economic benefits. Reverse osmosis method of desalination rate increased, high recovery rate, stable operation, small footprint, easy operation, reverse osmosis equipment in addition to salt, but also most of the bacteria, colloids and large molecular weight of organic matter removal. Read More
  • What is a Reverse Osmosis Plant?


    The reverse osmosis unit applies membrane separation technology and can effectively remove charged ions, inorganic substances, colloidal particles, bacteria and organic substances from water. It is the best equipment for high purity water preparation, brackish water desalination and wastewater treatment process. It is widely used in electronics, medicine, food, light textile, chemical industry, power generation and other fields. Read More


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