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Factors influencing water pollution

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The rapid development of the economy and society has gradually improved people's quality of life, but the lack of awareness of energy saving and environmental protection in daily life has led to a continuous increase in the amount of sewage in life. Coupled with the rapid development of the modern industrial sector, a large amount of industrial wastewater is produced in the process of industrial production and processing. For reasons such as the lack of wastewater treatment technology, there still exists the phenomenon of industrial wastewater polluting rivers and soil. In this regard, we should correctly apply water pollution control technology, increase the protection of water resources at the same time, improve the level of water pollution control technology, so as to promote the stable development of modern society.

water treatment

Analysis of the factors affecting water pollution

There are more factors affecting water pollution, including: domestic sewage, industrial sewage, agricultural wastewater, natural rainwater and so on, all of which can cause huge pollution of water resources. With the continuous improvement of the economic level, so that people increase the pursuit of quality of life, more and more people choose to live in the city, so that the amount of urban sewage increased, increasing the difficulty of water pollution management work. If the treatment of urban domestic sewage is neglected, it will cause urban domestic sewage to be discharged freely, polluting groundwater and rivers, and seriously endangering the stability and safety of the ecosystem.

Industrial wastewater has the greatest impact on water pollution, especially the paper industry, chemical industry, etc. The amount of wastewater produced is relatively large and has a strong pollution, and there are numerous organic pollutants and heavy metals in the composition of wastewater, which are more harmful. If the treatment and discharge of industrial wastewater is neglected, the stable development of the ecological environment cannot be ensured.

The development of agriculture and animal husbandry, livestock and poultry manure, is one of the important sources of water pollution, and if the scientific treatment of it is neglected, it will not only produce a huge polluting effect on water resources, but also cause serious eutrophication of water bodies. Coupled with agricultural development, in the process of crop cultivation, in order to prevent pests and diseases, to promote the healthy growth of crops, will use to a large number of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so that the soil structure of agricultural land has undergone huge changes, serious damage to the soil structure, causing a huge threat to water bodies. After the use of chemical agriculture, it will be affected by the rainwater scouring, into the water bodies, and eventually cause great pollution to water bodies.

Rainwater, too, is one of the factors affecting water pollution. The problem of global warming is endangering the development of various fields, and rainwater carries organic matter and heavy metals in the air as it descends, and when it flows into rivers, it can cause serious pollution to water bodies.

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