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White or black suspended particles appear in pure water

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White or black suspended particles appear in pure water

Solution: This is because the pipeline is contaminated, resulting in the growth of bacteria. This situation should be dissolved caustic soda into the precision filter, operate the regulating valve to close the waste water, pure water open to a high point, start the high-pressure pump, the pure water outflow from the water outlet into the precision filter to circulate the water for about 30 minutes. Equipped with a pipe disinfection machine equipment should be opened in time to disinfect the pipe disinfection machine for pure water pipes.

Reverse osmosis equipment has residual gas running under high pressure, the formation of gas hammer will damage the membrane

There are often two situations that occur.

(1) after the equipment is emptied, re-running, the gas is not exhausted on the rapid pressure boosting operation. The remaining air should be exhausted at a pressure of 2 to 4 bar and then gradually ramped up.

(2) When the joint between the pre-treatment equipment and the high-pressure pump is not well sealed or leaking (especially when the microfilter and the pipeline after it are leaking), when the pre-treatment water supply is not sufficient, such as the microfilter is blocked, the vacuum in the poorly sealed area will suck in some air. The microfilter should be cleaned or replaced to ensure that the pipeline does not leak.

In short, there should be no bubbles in the flowmeter to gradually increase the pressure of the operation, the bubbles found in the operation should gradually reduce the pressure to check the cause.

water treatment

Reverse osmosis equipment shutdown incorrect method of damage to the membrane

1) shutdown when the rapid pressure reduction is not thoroughly flushed. As the concentration of inorganic salts on the thick water side of the membrane is higher than that of the raw water, it is easy to scale and contaminate the membrane.

2) Flushing with pretreatment water with chemical reagents. Because the water containing chemical reagents may cause membrane contamination during equipment shutdown.

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment in preparation for shutdown, should stop adding chemical reagents, and gradually lower the pressure to about 3 bar with pretreatment water flushing 10min, until the TDS of the concentrated water and the original water TDS is very close.

Reverse osmosis equipment disinfection and maintenance is not effective, resulting in microbial contamination

This is a common problem in the use of composite polyamide membrane, because the polyamide membrane residual chlorine resistance is poor, in the use of chlorine and other disinfectants are not correctly added, coupled with the user of microbial prevention is not enough attention, easily lead to microbial contamination. Many manufacturers produce pure water microbial exceedance, is the disinfection, maintenance is not effective caused.

The main performance is: factory, RO equipment does not use disinfectant maintenance; equipment installed after the entire pipeline and pretreatment equipment disinfection; intermittent operation does not take disinfection and maintenance measures; no regular pretreatment equipment and reverse osmosis equipment disinfection; maintenance liquid failure or insufficient concentration.

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