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SUS steel tank domesic home use PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration system hot sale in Equatorial tropics

UF is a separation process using sieving as the separation principle, which uses pressure as the driving force to achieve mechanical separation. When the mixed solution containing different sizes of the molecular solute flows through the membrane surface, the solvent and small molecules such as inorganic salts pass through the membrane and teh macromolecule solute is trapped to achieve the purpose of separation and purification.
With over 20 years of separation-technology leadership and products in more than 500 ultrafiltration installations worldwide, we offer a portfolio of products designed for outstanding membrane separation, extreme productivity and efficiency, and exceptional reliability.
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Brief Introduction of UF Membrane

Ultrafiltration is one membrane filtration process that serves as a barrier to separate harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from clean water. An ultrafiltration water system forces water through a .02 micron membrane. Suspended particles that are too large to pass through the membrane stick to the outer membrane surface. Only fresh water and dissolved minerals pass through.

At present, the commonly used ultrafiltration membranes in industrial production are: plate and frame type, circular tube type, spiral wound type, hollow fiber type, and capillary type. Various industries must choose different types of ultrafiltration membranes according to their needs to give full play to their performance.

The development of membrane technology has brought great convenience to the treatment of production water and the concentration and separation of substances in various industries. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, ultrafiltration membrane technology has been continuously improved, occupying a leading position in the market with its unique properties.

Use, Cleaning and maintenance of membrane module

The UF membrane module must be used in the regulated pressure , temperature and pH, The turbidity of the water entering the UF membrane is less than 50NTU, the particle size of the water entering the ultrafiltration membrane is 50-100 μm,and the SDI of the water produced by the UF  membrane module is less than or equal to 0.2 NTU, and its SS is less than 0.2. The rejection rate of UF membrane on microbial,bacterial, E. coli, pathogen is more than 99.99%. The membrane surface of UF membrane in the course of application is easy to pollute, resulting in membrane water production decline. UF membrane module should be cleaned regularly in a timely manner by physical and chemical cleaning methods.



The first stage: a multi-media filter (including filter material, automatic control valve)

The second stage: one activated carbon filter (including filter material, automatic control valve)

The third stage: a water softener (including softened resin, automatic control valve)

A matching salt tank (including salt suction pipe, salt suction valve and accessories)

One stainless steel rack, matching with PVC pipe connection. Lay the wooden frame, unpack and use.



Product Advantages

The filtration membrane does not change during operation, and can be operated at normal temperature or low pressure, so that its operating energy consumption is low.

Membrane elements will not cause any qualitative changes in the concentration and separation process, and will not cause secondary pollution.

Substances of different molecular weights can be fractionated.

During the operation of the ultrafiltration membrane, no impurities will fall off, ensuring the purity of the ultrafiltrate.

The ultrafiltration membrane has the characteristics of selective separation, which can retain the mineral elements that are beneficial to the human body.

The equipment is compact in structure, small in floor space and easy to operate.

It has strong applicability to water quality and has a wide range of applications.


Electronics industry: semiconductor industry ultrapure water equipment, integrated circuit cleaning water treatment equipment;

Pharmaceutical industry: medical pure water, drug concentration and separation;

Water treatment project: pure water preparation, drinking water purification, reverse osmosis device.

Food industry: juice concentration and clarification, protein concentration and separation.

Wastewater treatment project: industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater treatment and reuse, etc.

  • Wastewater treatment: With the increasing importance of environmental pollution control, industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment have been further developed to advanced treatment, and reclaimed water projects have been put on the agenda. Ultrafiltration deep purification and utilization of membrane bioreactors combined with biotechnology and ultrafiltration technology have begun to be applied in urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment. A new starting point for the development of ultrafiltration technology in my country will be the industrial application of wastewater treatment. Compared with the industrial application of water purification, wastewater treatment is more difficult and lacks practical experience. Therefore, a lot of work needs to be done in the development of membrane module production and application technology. At present, the fouling-resistant coarse capillary ultrafiltration membrane has achieved good results in preliminary application.

  • Application of purification function:

    a. Water industry

    ①Pretreatment of reverse osmosis in the preparation of ultrapure water and pure water. The SDI of pretreated water quality can reach 0~1;

    ②Pretreatment in seawater desalination removes suspended solids, particles, bacteria and algae, which greatly prolongs the service life of reverse osmosis desalination membranes;

    ③Using UF ultrafiltration membrane to prepare tap water, compared with the commonly used pretreatment method, the water quality is higher, the process is simple, and the floor area is small;

    ④ In-depth purification of drinking water, using urban tap water or drinking raw water to further purify to the national drinking water purification standard, can provide direct drinking water source;

    ⑤ Purification of mineral water, the natural mineral water is purified by ultrafiltration without changing the composition of trace elements, and at the same time achieves the purpose of direct drinking.

    b. Manufacturing of sterile liquid food

    ①Remove turbidity of low-alcohol wine;

    ② Refinement of fruit wine, beer and rice wine;

    ③ Refinement of liquid seasoning;

    ④ purification of beverages.

    c. Applications in medicine and health

    ① blood ultrafiltration purification;

    ② Oral liquid purification treatment;

    ③ large injection infusion in addition to pyrogen.

  • Application of concentration function:

    a. Application in food fermentation industry

    ①Concentration of enzyme preparations;

    ②Protein concentration, soybean protein and egg protein concentration.

    b. Application in dairy industry

    Milk concentrate and recovery of whey protein from whey, etc.

    c. Medical applications

    ① Ascites is concentrated by ultrafiltration;

    ② blood filtration.

    d. Application in biological preparations

    ①Concentration and separation of biological agents such as leptospira, hepatitis B vaccine, thymosin, and human growth hormone;

    ②Concentration and separation of human serum albumin


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