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The Significance Of Building Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-21      Origin: Site


The widespread use of solar photovoltaic power generation reflects the concept of sustainable energy development and circular economy, which will adjust the energy structure and guarantee energy security to occupy an increasingly important position in improving and protecting the global environment and ensuring the sustainable development of human society. Compared with thermal, hydraulic and diesel power generation, solar cell power generation has unique environmental advantages such as safety and reliability, no noise, no emissions, no pollution and no energy consumption, which is of great significance for the protection of the earth's ecological environment.

Compared with thermal power generation, PV power generation consumes 0.39Kg of standard coal per KWh and 2.05 tonnes of raw coal per tonne of standard coal, and PV power generation itself does not require water consumption and has no sewage discharge. The application of photovoltaic power generation will greatly reduce carbon dioxide and other types of polluting gases, which can bring huge social and environmental benefits. Building photovoltaic power stations can reduce atmospheric pollution and contribute to environmental and resource conservation. It is expected that by 2020, the global installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation will reach 195GWp, of which grid-connected power generation systems will account for 50%, then the emission reduction effect of photovoltaic power generation will be very impressive.

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Advantages of integrated photovoltaic buildings.

1. It is combined with the building itself as a whole and does not take up additional land resources.

2. It can generate electricity in situ and use it in situ, which can save the investment of power station feeding the grid within a certain distance. Having the PV array and the public grid together supplying power to the load increases the reliability of the power supply.

3. BIPV system mostly generates prime electricity at peak consumption, which can greatly relieve the pressure of power supply, with significant economic and environmental benefits.

4. The PV arrays are installed on external envelopes such as roofs and walls, absorbing solar energy and converting it into electricity, reducing the heat gain from the walls and the cold load of indoor air conditioning, and ensuring indoor air quality.

5. Avoiding air pollution and waste pollution from the use of fossil fuels in general for power generation.

6. Easy installation of PV arrays and the ability to choose any power generation capacity.

7. Promote the mass production of PV components and further reduce the market price of PV components, which will greatly promote the wide application of BIPV systems.


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