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Made in China JX-purification RO Membrane Quality is the same as Dupont Membrane

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-14      Origin: Site


Firstly: Do you want to know the principle and characteristics of reverse osmosis membrane?


Reverse osmosis membrane can intercept material greater than 0.0001 micron, is one of the most fine membrane separation products, it can effectively intercept all dissolved salts and molecular weight of organic matter greater than 100, while allowing water molecules through. Another name for reverse osmosis membrane is RO membrane. Osmosis is a physical phenomenon in which water from the side with less salt will seep into the side with more salt. If pressure is applied to the side with more salt, water will flow in the opposite direction. This is reverse osmosis.



Reverse osmosis membrane should have the following characteristics:

(1) It should have high desalting rate at high flow velocity;

(2) High mechanical strength and service life;

(3) Can play the function under low operating pressure;

(4) Tolerance to chemical or biochemical effects;

(5) It is less affected by pH value, temperature and other factors;

(6) Membrane-making raw materials are easy to source, easy to process and low cost.


SecondlyDo you want to know Nanjing Junxin Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. reverse osmosis membranes?


LP (low pressure) series of aromatic polyamide compound membrane element developed by Nanjing Junxin Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd has the properties of low-pressure operation, high permeate flow and excellent desalination and is applicable to desalination of brackish water. Besides, it is particularly applicable to fabrication of high-purity water for electronic industry and electric power industry owing to its excellent performance in removing soluble salts, TOC, SiO2, etc. Being suitable for desalting such water sources as surface water (NaCl ≤10000ppm), underground water, tap water and municipal water, etc., LP series is mainly applicable to treatment of various industrial water such as industrial-purpose pure water, boiler water replenishment in power plants, and can be also applied to such brackish water applications, such as treatment of high-concentration saline waste water and production of beverage-purpose water.

PS: If you want to know more, please inquiry to our sales, she will give you membranes specification.



Last but not the least, Do you want to know our RO membrane project?


We supplied 500 pcs 8040 reverse osmosis membranes to the largest mine in Chile, and for the first time, the customer procured them from China. DOW BW30-400 was used before. Now we come to China to look for a replacement membrane. Our JX-8040-400-LP is just enough to completely replace this DOW membrane. Customers compared many suppliers, finally choose us, because our product quality is guaranteed, the price is very suitable, the salesman is very professional. Your inquiry is very welcome.


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