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pvdf ultrafiltration membrane

If you want to know more about the pvdf ultrafiltration membrane, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the pvdf ultrafiltration membrane industry. More news about pvdf ultrafiltration membrane, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more pvdf ultrafiltration membrane information!
  • What is a ceramic membrane?


    Ceramic membranes, also known as inorganic ceramic membranes, are asymmetric membranes formed by a special process using inorganic ceramic materials. Ceramic membranes are divided into two types: tubular ceramic membranes and flat ceramic membranes. The tubular ceramic membrane is densely packed wit Read More
  • What is Ultrafiltration?


    Ultrafiltration membranes are polymeric semi-permeable membranes used in the ultrafiltration process to separate polymeric colloids or suspended particles of a certain size from the solution. Driven by pressure, the membrane pore size is 1 to 100nm and is an asymmetric membrane type. The pore densit Read More
  • Project for South Africa


    Project story.Frank is the boss of a lodge in South Africa. He was looking for advice and a quotation for a water treatment plant which can treat 5000 lt/hr of drinkable water extracted from a river.At the beginning, he just let me quote. But i told him that we can not quote you without the raw wate Read More
  • Advantages and disadvantages of split and integrated MBR membrane bioreactors


    What is a split membrane bioreactor?Separate membrane bioreactors use the membrane module as a separate unit from the bioreactor, the mixture is pressurised by the system into the membrane module, the permeate of the membrane module is the effluent of the system and the concentrate of the membrane m Read More
  • What are the areas of application for ultrafiltration membranes?


    Water Treatment ApplicationsDrinking water treatmentWith the development of the economy and society, the water environment has become more polluted, the water quality has deteriorated, and there are more and more pollutants in the water, especially organic pollutants. The traditional drinking water Read More


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