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Heavy metal wastewater solution

Knowing that you are interested in Heavy metal wastewater solution, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • Application of various membrane technologies in water treatment(2)


    3. Microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane technologyBasic PrinciplesBoth ultrafiltration and microfiltration are liquid phase separation processes driven by differential hydrostatic pressure, and there is no fundamental difference in principle. Under a certain pressure, when a mixed solution c Read More
  • Application of various membrane technologies in water treatment(1)


    1. Forward Osmosis (FO) technologyThe principle of forward osmosis (FO)The solvent is separated from the solution by a semi-permeable membrane that can only pass through the solvent but not the solute molecules. The solvent molecules will spontaneously pass through the membrane from the solvent side Read More
  • Areas Of Application For Mbr


    Entering the mid to late 1990s, membrane - bioreactors have entered the practical application stage in foreign countries. The Canadian company Zenon first introduced the ultrafiltration tubular membrane - bioreactor and applied it to municipal wastewater treatment. In order to save energy, the company also developed the immersion hollow fibre membrane module, which has developed a membrane - bioreactor has been applied in the United States, Germany, France and Egypt and more than a dozen places, the scale from 380m3 /d to 7600m3 /d. Japan's Mitsubishi rayon company is also a well-known provider of immersion hollow fibre membrane in the world, its application in the MBR has also accumulated many years of experience, in Japan and other countries with a number of actual MBR projects. Kubota Japan is another company that is competitive in the practical application of membrane - bioreactors, producing plate membranes with high flow rates, resistance to contamination and simplicity of proces Read More
  • Metallurgical Wastewater


    The main characteristics of metallurgical wastewater are large amount of water, many types, and complex and changeable water quality. JX Purification can give you a professional design project. Read More
  • Beneficiation Wastewater


    The mineral processing wastewater has the characteristics of large water volume, high suspended solids content and many types of harmful substances.The beneficiation wastewater mainly passes through the tailings dam, which can effectively remove the suspended solids in the wastewater, and the content of heavy metals and flotation reagents can also be reduced. If the emission requirements are not met, further treatment should be carried out. JX Purification can give you a professional design project. Read More
  • Acid Wastewater


    Acid-base wastewater is highly corrosive and needs to be properly treated before it can be discharged. JX Purification can give you a professional design project. Read More
  • Heavy Metal Wastewater


    A electronic Co.,LTD in Shandong Province mainly produces electronic copper foil, copper clad laminate and printed circuit board, reaching the annual production capacity of the company 18000 tons, 18000㎡ and 20 thousand ㎡ respectively. Read More


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